The visuals from Germany based label, Aleftina, which show metallic, futuristic garments shot against a derelict, urban backdrop reflect a collection which breathes creativity and imagination. Aleftina is the modern designer and the mind behind the clothes. Having only recently graduated from university this year, her collection ‘Asphalt’ has a sense of freedom and youth as she approaches fashion design without restraints. The eccentric, shiny garments with oversized boots are reminiscent of cos


It is easy to be fooled into thinking that the images showing the AW14 de-signs from Saina Koohnavard have been digitally tampered with. However the bold garments with their intense, highly saturated colours are wholly down to the work of the talented Swedish designer. Her clothes aim to explore how two dimensional sketches are translated into garments on a three dimensional body. Despite the impracticality of these creations in terms of wearability, they still make for a beautiful collection. S


Somehow Obscur through their relaxed yet sophisticated design have created a collection which is the perfect balance between edgy and slick. It is clothing reserved for the cool guys amongst us. Complete with leather rucksacks and mid length coats, the spring/summer 15 collection is as edgy as ever. Mesh, zips and leather add texture and depth to a dominantly black collection. The collection itself draws little attention; it is minimalistic and understated, made up of classic garments with subtl

We Heart Living

If you’re a yoga fanatic, we’ve no doubt you have heard of Lululemon. They’re the brand doing things a little differently. And this Wednesday they’re offering a fabulous free yoga sesh! Back in March, they hosted an amazing public class at the Royal Opera House, just before the brand opening its first UK store in London’s Covent Garden. Now they’re set to host another big event with a complimentary yoga class at the Serpentine this coming Wednesday. Open to anyone and everyone, no matter yo

Seen This? Part I - Mercury & Electric Shocks

Nottingham is full of creativity; there are exhibitions happening continuously around the city to provide a platform for artistic talent. Therefore an art exhibition happening in Hopkinson’s independent art gallery above a small vintage shop may not seem unsurprising when you first hear about it. However when you discover that the art works feature the likes of Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas, world class artists whose work has been shown in prestigious galleries all over the world then perhaps this

Paul Smith: from a 12ft shop

Paul Smith is an established designer, internationally recognised with a career now spanning over forty years. A current exhibition at the Design Museum ‘Hello, My Name is Paul Smith’ recognises the designer’s beginnings in Nottingham with a 12 foot square box reincarnation of the company’s first shop on Byard Lane. The exhibition hallmarks the designer’s longevity in the fashion industry and his career is one which has certainly put Nottingham on the map. As this city continues to thrive creati